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History of Highland East

Picture OF School


Highland East opened as a new middle school in the Fall of 1975. The new school site was single lonely building on a knoll surrounded by country fields, cows, and a two-lane rutted road. Because inside building construction was still being completed, Highland East's first students were enrolled in the blazing August heat out on the sidewalks in front of the building.

In later years our gym and Tech Ed buildings were constrcuted as well as an additional wing to our exisiting building. Joed Savage was the first principal and served Highland East for nine years. We had only seventh grade for the first two years with our first enrollment being 478 students. We had 21 teachers and one counselor on our first staff. The eighth grade was added in our third year and Highland East was changed from a Middle School to a Jr. High when the ninth grade was added in 1988-1989.
Our first students got to choose the name of our new school, our school colors, (kelly green and white) mascot (Cougars) and write our school song. Our school colors were later changed from kelly green and white to royal blue and white. A contest was held to create our school song. The song chosen was written by Stacy Barton, Tiffany Brining and Chele Butler.

Only four faculty members of the original staff are still teaching in the Moore District. They are: Pam Blevins (Brink); Judy Clowdus (Westmoore High School); Kathy McCormick (Westmoore High School); and Carey Steel (Central Jr. High). Jennie Chancellor (Secretary to the Principal) is the only remaining employee of the original staff still at Highland East.

(Thank you Jennie for a wonderful accounting of the History of Highland East!)

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